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Dear Dot: Is It Okay if I Plant Seed Paper? 

Dear Dot, I recently received a card that’s printed on “seed” paper — that paper...

Dear Dot: Is Pollution the Reason for a Beautiful Sunset?

Dear Dot, I saw the most amazing sunset last night. Someone told me the...

Dear Dot: Where Should I Buy a House?

I’m a realtor curious about how climate change is going to impact where people...

Dear Dot: Is Fake Grass Better Than the Real Thing? 

Dear Dot, I’ve heard about artificial grass as a water-saving alternative to real grass, but...

Climate Quick Tip: Plastic-Less Party Planning

When planning your next hosting gig: Avoid single-use plastic dishes and straws and instead opt for reusable plates, cups, and cutlery. More elegant and less wasteful. Stay away from balloons and glitter, which enter our water systems and kill marine animals. Instead decorate using fabric decorations, string lights, and live plants.  Imagine It! offers tips on how to plan a...

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Green Your Halloween: A Bluedot Guide

Nothing is scarier than Halloween décor that harms our planet. But spooky can be eco-friendly with a few simple swaps.

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